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untune presents Social Sub-Sub-Genres – Brennan Hill, November 1 – 22, 2017

November 1st, 2017

Once art leaves its birth place and enters the public sphere it seeks dialogue and attention.  In opposition, Nietzsche argued for a monological conception of art – one not seeking audience.  When I visited Los Angeles artist Brennan Hill’s studio for the first time, I was struck by the language his visual work provoked, seeking both social exclusion and social inclusion.  A 30″ x 40” painting titled Evolution hung on his studio wall.    My interpretation of it was completely different than his, a difference due to my misperception of one of his three illustrated anime characters being female rather than male.  This small but significant detail affected my entire interpretation of Hill’s painting.   Its not at all unusual to have various interpretations of a work, but this exchange left me pondering another issue entirely.  Does Art even need the Artist?  Perhaps Hill left a white void around his characters in Evolution to create a separation between himself and the characters he depicts.  And it is in that empty space that translation and clarification may occur.

Social Sub-Sub-Genres Exhibition Images:

"Grass Drop" (left) and Half Angel Half Snail" (right), Brennan Hill

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Brennan Hill is a Los Angeles-based artist and musician whose videos, performances, and paintings have shown in galleries on the east and west coasts of the United States as well as in association with The Institute for New Feeling and Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs. Hill’s work frequently takes its cues from the elegant indignation of the Dadaist movement with an interest in the formalisms and tropes of current pop culture. For the artist’s current exhibition, he begins with the premise that it is impossible to make an antisocial work of art. During the process of attempting to defy this idea, Hill arrives at the conclusion that this is, in fact, true. The failed attempts resulting from this experiment are what make up Social Sub-Sub-Genres; an exhibition comprised of three paintings, self-published books, and two single-channel videos.

In the post-mortem, one can draw comparisons between the personal vocabulary of Hill’s subject matter and the almost linguistic nuances found in the sub-genres of music and film. In the video entitled Backpeddler, appropriated footage from the documentary Chasing Ice has been married to a song recorded by the artist which falls within the boundaries of a sub-sub-genre known as ‘funeral doom metal’. As the largest glacier-separation ever filmed unfolds, colossal pieces of ice ascend, writhe, and sink to the almost comedically slow tempo of the specific doom metal strain that has been employed.

In short, Social Sub-Sub-Genres is about investigating the relationship between the social aspects of language and the seemingly anti-social isolation of a studio practice.


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untune presents Social Relations – September 1 – 22, 2017

August 30th, 2017

so·cial re·la·tions 
any relationship or interaction between two or more living organisms.
September 1 – 22, 2017
“…there was nothing in the moon, in its geometrical dimensions,there was nothing in its chemistry, there was nothing in its electromagnetics, that in any way said it was going to attract the earth. There was nothing in the earth that said the same. It was not until you saw the interbehavior being manifested in free space that you realized there was something going on between”
– R. Buckminster Fuller (“Everything I know”, 1975) 

How do we begin?  By just living and learning to live with each other.  Creating and interacting in the same space.  Shitting down the same hole and eating from the same plates.  Through the remains and artifacts left here and there, from the dog hair and shifting air streams, from the creaks and cracks of ignored door screeches, from the stinky compost pile, we feel the space and dial in the presence of each other, of our neighbors, of the insects, of the night passers, and of the shouting headlines cancelled out by melting guitar tones and poetic chorus lines.   Only through the overlapping space between, only by the presence of one in the presence of others we come to understand ourselves and the attraction and retraction between.   Social Relations is a living process between artist inhabiters and co-inhabiters of untune.  For now we’ll remain anonymous.  

Sun Made

Sun Made
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Begun on August 1st  
Soft opening on September 1st, 7-11pm 
Closing party on the 22nd, 7-11pm

During the three weeks following the Social Relations opening, the living process between artist inhabiters and co-inhabiters of untune has continued to further melt, shape, form, and interact with the energies of the sun and moon, within the layers of atmosphere, and between the concrete pathway and carob tree – sometimes heavy, sometimes light reflective, sometimes bent out of shape, sometimes confused, sometimes aligned with nature’s rhythms, sometimes nature needs space, sometimes floating in delirium, sometimes desiring darkness, sometimes filled with tears and laughter, sometimes only anger, and sometimes we just loose ourselves for endless hours in the hypnotizing patterns left on the ceiling by broken mirrors – this is all of us learning to live with the challenges of the planet learning to live with all of us and the raging bull.    

Please join us this Friday September 22nd, 7-10pm, for the closing event of Social Relations featuring specially crafted first-time collaborations between Hardcore Tina & Syko Friend and Shekhan & yek koo

Hardcore Tina & Syko Friend are inspired by Diane Wakoski, Calamity Jane’s diaries and day to day reflections on how to be soft in a tough world.  

Shekhan & yek koo will be combining  beat driven interlocking harmonies of flute, violin, vocals, mandocaster, and electronics of SheKhan with the vocal and tap-infused spacial modifications of yek koo  

Sun Made Moon

Sun Made Moon
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Social Relations Press Release PDF


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SOCIAL at untune

August 1st, 2017

relating to society or its constitution.  
synonyms:  communal, community, collective, group, general, popular, civil, public, societal 
To be anti any of the above is to be antisocial, recognized as a social problem.  Refusing to be social is refusing to relate to human society and its members.  Someone with social issues.  Sociopaths are often described as antisocial –  “dangerous, unprincipled, distasteful, disruptive, rebellious, misanthropic, reclusive, withdrawn…”  Is it an inability to relate or a refusal to relate that deems one against society?  
I relate to both.   I’m an animal.  I fight for nature and die when mother nature decides.  My security is locked inside my gut and that ain’t social.  Delete ‘social’ and you simply have security, reform, justice, media, anxiety, science, cohesion, exclusion, control, distortion.  In politics, this is often a right-wing perspective.  Our society encourages social but demonizes socialism.  Conflict of interest. Conflict of times. Conflicting times.  I’m a socialist anyhow.  

For the purpose of further breaking down these socialized normalized layers, our conditioned praising of the individualist, the artist ego, self sustainability, self identity, self righteousness drilled into our existence as western inhabiters,  untune will be curating a year of programming dedicated to “Social” as a concept used in different contexts and phrases referring to attitudes, behaviors, conditions, and cultural-political views that consider the interests, intentions, actions, and philosophies of living organisms living collectively in interacting populations.  Programming will include events, discussions, presentations, and performances that focus on a separate ‘social’ concept for three weeks at a time.