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“…untune the Universe and leave its polished timber cracked,
entangled in a mesh of strings.”
(Michael Hartnett, “He’ll To The Moors”)

the shape of things to come 
an artist-run dwelling, social-curatorial project space, and intimate engaging platform 
founded by Helga Fassonaki
fostering cultural presence, radical critical thinking, and community
through Art as Experience beyond material form
between the lines of dialogue, current situations, and hyperNormalized fields

aims to
destroy the viewing frame 
and create circular pathways for conversation 
as art as life as experience
in process of becoming    
with due respect 
to nature  
welcome indeterminacy
and keep things moving
including your thoughts 

Instagram: un.tune
Facebook: untune

untune is currently undergoing renovations, field studies, and fundraising.   Please check back for updates or feel free to contact me with any inquiries or comments.  

5025 Granada Street
Highland Park, CA 90042

untune’s main site occupies an artist’s home and includes Canvas 5025 – a curated series presented on the garage door located at street level on 5025 Granada Street.    

The grounds itself is through a black gate and up the concrete stairs.  Walk up the concrete pathway and maroon-colored stairs for the entrance to the interior space.  

Please note this is a private residential property and currently not wheelchair accessible.     

coming soon!
In the meantime, check UPCOMING page for forthcoming untune and related events and exhibitions